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This short film (Beyond Words) documents life in a day – on and around the river Fowey in Cornwall, England…

Directed and music composed by Chaz Jankel, filmed and edited by Dylan Martin.

My first movie score was for “an unsuitable job for a woman”….based on a PD James novel…directed by Chris Petit back in the late 1970s. Since that time i’ve composed music for a number of movies including D.O.A, K2 and a documentary called “From the ashes” about the cricket legend Ian Botham


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Chaz Jankel
Chaz Jankel2 weeks ago
Chaz Jankel
Chaz Jankel2 months ago
just came across this........little reminder....what a moment
Chaz Jankel
Ian Dury and The Blockheads - Bed O'Roses No.9
Couldn't find this any where online so thought I'd upload it.
Chaz Jankel
Chaz Jankel2 months ago
i looked up and there it was...........and then it was gone

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